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My name is Urvi Lakhani and this is my blog 🙂

It started with honey. Then, some nuts. Almonds and cashews. That is the first thing I remember experimenting with in my kitchen. I think I was about 8 or 9. I wanted to eat something different and I had no knowledge of any cooking. I took a bowl, threw in some of these dried fruits. Maybe there were raisins too. Poured some honey in and popped the bowl in the microwave. And waited for magic to happen. I laugh back at that time, remembering how I felt. All I had in that warm bowl was warm dried fruit and warm honey.

The point of this little memory is just know the seed of my curiosity when it comes to food. There are a few other things which are the sunlight and water for my curiosity.

The first is my mother. She is fabulous cook who is always experimenting with everything she makes. Not just that, she has a knack for throwing things in a saucepan without knowing a recipe and just creating magic. She just naturally gets the right proportion of flavors. She has some signature dishes that are very tough to recreate the way she does, even if she gives you a recipe. She is a huge influence on my style of cooking. But when I was growing up, I hardly even stepped into the kitchen to see how she cooked. My journey in the kitchen really started when I started living alone in Mumbai as a working professional. I missed my mother’s cooking so much that I had to attempt to cook if I had to eat well. That’s the second thing.

So that’s the story of why I started cooking. And baking. I like baking more than cooking. Something about the science of it, maybe. Something about how different proportions of the same ingredients can create such different beautiful things.

This blog is a long time coming. It is a chronicle of my culinary journey, so far and in the future.

What you will see here: Regular meals which I like a lot – Indian and other cuisines, Baking adventures, And some Personal Things too.

The Technical Bio:

25 years old. Architect by my Bachelor’s Degree. Currently studying Construction Management at NICMAR, Pune. Grew up in Muscat, Oman and haven’t really settled down since then. 5 years at Bhopal, 2 years in Mumbai and finally now in Pune.

Enjoy 🙂

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